Spring 2018 Session

Spring 2018 Session Information

This new session of CODE4her introduced computer science concepts via exploration of the Sphero SPRK+ robots. As before, female role models and mentors formed a close relationship with the mentees to encourage them to learn about computer science. During this session 34 mentees and 17 BGSU student mentors engaged in problem solving, programming, and having a lot of fun doing it.

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CODE4her Mentors

This program is based on the close relationship of mentor and two mentees. We are grateful for all these BGSU students who have stepped up to be CODE4her mentors.


Comments from CODE4her Parents

“…she absolutely loves this course you are offering. We drive 2 hours one way to get there. And she can’t wait to sign up for more. She comes home every class and gets her Sphero out and shows us how she programmed it for the day. She also has to go to her grandparents’ house those evenings as well and show them. She is proud of what she is learning, and she’s having a blast learning it. Thank you for offering this course to them.”

“You are all doing a fantastic job! We appreciate you and the mentors enthusiasm. This is a wonderful course for the children.”
“I don’t want to share the awesomeness of the program because it will be harder for my daughter to go back. Thank you for all you did.”
“My daughter had a blast and I loved the pictures you shared on Facebook. I’ve made a photo book for her with those photo and different quotes she said after each session. Thank you!”
“Ally loved it so much she saved her money to buy her own sphere robot.”
“Thank you for offering such a program. We came from Toledo each time. Though it is a drive, we haven’t found something similar closer. Next time, we will do a little “advertising” in our local school to see if others nearby are interested.”
“It was great to see the diversity among the mentors. My daughter really liked being able to talk learn from someone with a completely different background.”

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