Spring 2017 Session

Exploring Programming through LEGO EV3 Robots

Sunday, January 22nd, marked the beginning of the first CODE4her CS Mentorship Program. The first of five meetings went exceptionally well with mentees enjoying learning about the binary numbering system through making binary encoded name bead bracelets and then getting to know their LEGO puppy robot!

CODE4her Mentors4IMG_4742

At the same time BGSU students, members of BG Women in Computing student organization, and CODE4her mentors really like meeting and getting to know their mentees.

Parent Comments

“Thanks again for the opportunity you and your students provide to our girls. Yelia enjoyed the first meeting tremendously. She said the meeting felt like only a half hour to her. She eagerly showed me and her dad how to convert between binary and decimal numbers, a type of problems that had bothered me for years. The method Susan taught her was really effective, and I finally can do the conversions quickly and accurately. What a bonus!”

“Emmy had a fantastic time!  She told me all about it and can’t wait to go back next month. ”

“Allison absolutely LOVED the first class! She could not stop talking about it, and is still talking about it! Thank you for this awesome program. . . I love it too!”

“Grace enjoyed herself and is looking forward to the next session.”

Alien Encounter

In subsequent meetings mentors and mentees worked on programming fork-lift robots to navigate mazes, utilize ultrasonic senor to determine distance, recognize colors with the color sensor and even to program the robot to handle an alien encounter!

aliens alien

And just having a lot of fun…

havingfun colors

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